Accept payments over the phone 

Taking card payments over the phone has never been so easy with the Trust Payments Virtual Terminal. No website is needed, just an internet-enabled device, like a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Simple, fast, convenient


1. Log in

Log in to your Trust Payments portal and access the Virtual Terminal.

2. Fill in

Fill in your customer’s payment and billing details.

3. Get Paid

Process and complete the payment.


Additional Benefits



A back-up solution for existing in-store POS terminals


Instant real-time transaction reporting


Offer your customers an additional way to pay


No technical set up or integration required

Our Solutions

In-store payments

Our point-of-sale payment solution blends speed, efficiency and security to maximise convenience for your customers.

Pay by link

Merchants send a secure payment link to customers via any channel; the customer clicks the link and is directed to our secure payment page to enter their payment details.

Online Payments

Our secure online payment solution allows your customers to complete transactions using any device. We have had  20 years of no downtime.

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