Business Intelligence Portal

Trust Payments portal is your personal and secure interface providing online real-time access to all your online, mobile and point-of-sale payment data. You also have access to additional benefits and features once you are on the portal.  

Key Features

Omni-channel Reporting

Create insightful transaction reports based on all ECOM, MOTO, POS and acquiring transactions.

Virtual Terminal

Accept payments over the phone using our Virtual Terminal. No website required, just an internet-enabled device, like a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Pay-by-Link Solution

Offer your customers an additional way to pay by generating a secure payment link for email, SMS and social messaging platforms.

Custom Dashboards

User-friendly dashboards present data in a clear and concise format which are customisable to suit merchants requirements

Chargebacks and Refunds

View and manage any chargebacks directly from your dashboard, as well as issue both partial and full refunds.

Simple Navigation

Access your data quickly and efficiently with both a clear and concise navigation structure and visually clean design.

In-depth Support

Access our comprehensive help function, responsive to every page within the portal.

Tailored for you

Each user can customise their transaction search and reporting dashboards.

On-the-go all the time

Access your portal anywhere, anytime, on any device – mobile, tablet or desktop.

Real-time data

Transactions are logged in real-time, meaning you get access to your data instantly.

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