Personal Security

For all organisations handling cardholder data, a set of universal security standards must be maintained.

Payment Card Industry Compliance (PCI DSS)

We can assess your compliance levels and provide vital services, as our cybersecurity sister company Cognosec is a Qualified Security Assessor, including:

Vulnerability scans


Gap assessments


On-site assessments




Security awareness programs takes care of all of your PCI compliance challenges, so that you can focus on providing a fantastic service for your merchants.

Increase Conversions
Security and Compatibility
Simple Management

Chargeback Management

As your acquirer, we help to minimise the risk of chargebacks and the potential financial losses incurred. By implementing bespoke fraud prevention systems, our solutions:

Reduce risk: upheld chargebacks


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Help to avoid excessive fees


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Recover your lost revenue


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Improve customer retention through prevention

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Ensure that merchants do not reach the chargeback limit

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We provide clear and insightful reports so that intelligent strategies can be put in place to combat chargebacks.

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