SEPTEMBER 27 2018, a leading provider of end-to-end pan-European and international acquiring services, has today announced its partnership with Paytriot Payments, a UK-based global merchant service provider (MSP) and Payment Facilitator (PF). Fully-regulated across Europe, will enable Paytriot to extend its payment gateway services into the region, allowing its merchants to operate in the European market within different verticals and diverse levels of risk. Paytriot selected for its custom, client-centric MSP and PF service models, and vertical expertise. Key to’s partner solutions are efficient application approvals and quick underwriting decisions, which allow its merchants to sell online by ensuring all regulatory onboarding requirements are met.

Based in the UK, Paytriot is a truly global payment solution for ecommerce and in-store card present payments aiming to expand its reach into the European market and to become a full-risk PF. Headquartered in London, Paytriot use a consultative approach helping clients reduce cost and include additional products to their current operations. Its partnership with will also allow existing, non-European customers to expand into the region.

Paytriot’s choice of as an acquiring merchant partner was based on its optimal end-to-end service, ease of use, flexibility, unique features and great understanding of the merchants’ needs within the different verticals and levels of risks. Through the partnership, Paytriot’s merchants can benefit from the comprehensive reporting facilities and a merchant self-management portal, with a suite of risk management services and flexible settlement terms.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Paytriot Payments is now a registered PF partner of,” said Zubair Mukhtar, Sales Director of Paytriot Payments. “Paytriot’s mission is to support the entrepreneurial dream one transaction at a time and we have now expanded to partners in Europe which gives further global processing coverage for our clients. is known for their strength in technology and security to complex industries, and this partnership offers dedicated support for our mission.”

“Our partnership with Paytriot once again shows our leading acquirer position as an agile acquiring partner for global merchant service providers and payment facilitators, in this case helping them reach new markets,” commented Jonathan.J O’Connor, Chief Commercial Officer of, “We’re getting merchants up-and-running in a fraction of the time of our competitors. It’s a very compelling proposition for our partners and their merchants. With the bespoke technical connectivity we have built within the system, linking up with us couldn’t be simpler, and we’re excited about expanding our partnership with Paytriot.”