Flexible Commercial Model

We are proactive in our approach, ensuring that you can provide your merchants with world-class acquiring solutions.

Flexible Pricing Models

At we recognise that each PSP has unique requirements, and one size doesn’t fit all. We offer bespoke solutions to make sure that you achieve your goals at the best price.

Buy-rate and revenue share models


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  • Multi Tiered Payment Structures
  • Multi echelon of reporting ad access

State-of-the-art pricing calculator


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Defining pricing for our partners’ merchants by using a state-of-the-art pricing calculator

IC++ pricing, blended rates


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Whether interchange plus pricing or blended rates we work with you to create the perfect proposal for your merchant opportunity

Intuitive Reporting

Our intuitive approach to data analysis allows you to spot trends, recognise anomalies and track your growth. In order to grow as a PSP, you need to understand your strengths and areas for improvement. Our reporting systems equip you with the tools to do this.


Recognise unusual changes


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Monitor changes in your customer activity.

Insightful actionable reports


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See all your activity with precise clarity.

Statements, transaction fees


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Statements can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

Online reporting interface


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RAM Online Portal is available on demand.

Fraud Management

Online fraudsters are constantly developing new and innovative ways to put merchants and consumers at risk. At, we stay one step ahead of the game. We work closely with our sister cyber-security company, Cognosec, to make sure that you and your customers are protected.

Our fraud-prevention services include:

  • Security testing and monitoring
  • Data protection
  • Governance, risk and compliance

We share security data as part of a network of over 350 card acquirers and alternative payment companies across 160 territories, meaning that as soon as threats appear, they are removed immediately.

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