Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Improve your customer journey by giving your customers the option to pay in their local  currency. We know how much people love this option, and we now offer it for both online and In-store (POS) solutions.

Why DCC? 

New revenue stream

Maximise your earning capabilities by generating a new source of revenue for your business from existing international Point of Sale transactions.

Generate repeat business

Increase the opportunity for new and repeat business for the long-term by offering greater customer choice and transparency.

Zero FX risk

With Dynamic Currency Conversion, there is no foreign exchange risk for your business or your customers as this is fully managed and absorbed.

How it works 

1. Payment choice

The customer chooses the payment type

2. Payment details

The customer enters their payment details, and their local currency is determined from their BIN number.

3. Currency choice

The customer is displayed the amount in the merchant’s currency and their local currency. They choose the currency they prefer for the payment.

4. Authorisation

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