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Mobile Money: How remittance is breaking free from its bonds

Re-distributing wealth from rich to poor economies is paramount to the everyday lives of people in developing countries in every corner of the Earth. Without it, countless families and communities would be forced into unspeakable poverty and hardship. According to the...

Brand-new online sportsbook makes safe bet with Secure Trading

Secure Trading/’s payment gateway and merchant acquiring services have been called on by new online sports betting company Bet600. LONDON, November 28th: Secure Trading Group announced today that it has added a new and ambitious online sportsbook to its...

Secure Trading/ secure new partner in Kyte Consultants

Secure Trading Group are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with information and communications consultancy Kyte Consultants. With both companies are based in Malta, the home of the iGaming sector, it’s expected that the partnership will benefit a large...

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