Brand Guidelines

Hi there!

Welcome to the Trust Payments brand guidelines. This guide is a holistic set of standards to define our brand. It references logo usage, colours, visuals, tone of voice and more.  

To make use of our logo or brand in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact [email protected] so we can guide you.  

Our Logo

Our logo is the most basic element of our visual identity and is an important communication tool. You can use the logo lockup in all printed and digital publications, advertising, billboards, posters, flyers, product and event assets, and any other printed or digital collateral.

The logo is available in three variants:

  • Black and Pink
  • White and Pink (not displayed)
  • All White

All logos are available in the following file formats:

  • Jpeg
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • EPS
  • AI

Colour Palette

Primary Colours


RGB: 231, 27, 90
HEX: #e71b5a


RGB: 13, 125, 123
HEX: #0d7d7b


RGB: 57, 56, 57
HEX: #393839

Secondary Colours


RGB: 76, 192, 176
HEX: #4cc0b3


RGB: 235, 245, 237
HEX: #ebf5ed


RGB: 236, 236, 236
HEX: #ececec


RGB: 250, 157, 48
HEX: #fa9d30