About Us


acquiring.com is the merchant acquiring arm of Secure Trading Group. Our focus is delivering a reliable, flexible and international service for payment service providers. Founded in 2014 as Secure Trading Financial Services, acquiring.com was created as an acquiring partner to Secure Trading’s gateway to offer an integrated solution with a single touchpoint, but its versatility means that it works seamlessly partnering with any PSP.

Our team of payments experts work closely with each PSP, to understand their business goals, and form an intelligent strategy of how to achieve these. Accepting over 100 different currencies and settling in 14, acquiring.com are experts in turning merchants from local to global.

Our Team


Secure Trading Group, part of TruST Payments Ltd, was formed in 1999, and comprises of three companies whose intelligent and specialised approach to online payments is transforming the way that customers pay.

Jonathan O'Connor

Jonathan joined Secure Trading as Chief Commercial Officer with a clear mandate to accelerate revenue realisation from both the STL gateway and Acquiring.com business lines, by driving sales within the company. He is passionate about a client-first mentality, which runs in parallel with reduced time to revenue as the firm’s new commercial operating model.

Daniel Holden

Daniel brings a wealth of expertise across FinTech, eCommerce, accountancy and law to the role of CEO of Secure Trading. Joining in 2011 as Chief Financial Officer of the company, Daniel has also served as CFO for ST’s sister cyber-security company Cognosec.

Kevin Dodson

Kevin joined Secure Trading Group in 2014 as Executive Vice President heading up the US gaming strategy and developing ST-1’s US presence.

Ryan Cachia

Ryan joined Secure Trading Financial Services Ltd in 2017 with a mandate to restructure the Finance Department and instil his expertise, and valuable knowledge gained in the regulatory environment, into the Acquiring Bank. His initial primary focuses were revenue growth, systems restructure, regulatory control and overall cost management.

Jeannie Stinnett

Jeannie is a proven financial services executive with over 17 years of experience, with a focus over the last five years on the gaming vertical. She has joined Secure Trading as the Senior Vice President Commercial Programmes.