Global Acquiring

Take payments anywhere

Board your merchants in a compliant, fast and secure way with By partnering with us, you and your merchants will benefit from; Super-fast on-boarding, Intelligent insights, dedicated account manager and a global network of payments partners.

Seamless onboarding

Our onboarding takes hours and not weeks to get customers live on our platform. We have a dedicated team that ensures that we get ever application right the first time.

Account Manager

Every account gets a dedicated account manager that will help support your business and find the right solutions and partners to help grow your business.


We take care of all of your PCI compliance challenges for you. We want to ensure that your business is secured from financial fraud.

Shopping carts

Our platform integrates with most major shopping carts, and we have a full team dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free implementation and ongoing support.

Fraud Prevention

We work closely with our sister cyber-security company, Cognosec, to make sure that you and your customers are protected. We are part of a security network of over 350 card acquirers and alternative payment companies across 160 territories, meaning that as soon as threats appear, we  remove immediately.


Our intuitive approach to data analysis allows you to spot trends, recognise anomalies and track your growth. To grow as a PSP, you need to understand your strengths and areas for improvement. Our business intelligence portal equips you with the tools to do this.

Chargeback Management

As your acquirer, we help to minimise the risk of chargebacks and the potential financial losses incurred. By implementing bespoke fraud prevention systems, we can reduce the risk of upheld chargebacks, help to avoid excessive fees, recover your lost revenue and Improve customer retention through prevention.

Our Solutions

Virtual Terminal

Input the customer’s payment, billing and delivery details to take the secure payment. The customer then receives an email confirming their payment.

Pay by link

Merchants send a secure payment link to customers via any channel; the customer clicks the link and is directed to our secure payment page to enter their payment details.

Online Payments

Our secure online payment solution allows your customers to complete transactions using any device. We have had  20 years of no downtime.

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